What am I Eating? A New App Tells You if it’s a Hotdog

Every so often an app comes along that really makes you think. This one makes you think, “Why did they make that?” Founder Jian-Yang tells me it’s because investor Erlich Bachman is a “dumb man with dumb ideas.” In any case, “Not Hotdog” uses advanced machine learning to tell you if the food you’re eating is a hotdog. I took it for a test spin just to find out how well it can do that.

The interface proved intuitive and easy to use (thankfully, can you imagine if an app like this wasn’t intuitive?): just snap a picture and wait for the machine learning to tell you what you’re looking at.  Here we go:

All Talk and No Tech: Is Pied Piper the Next Clinkle?

Since Jack “Action Jack” Barker exited the company last week, Pied Piper board member and Ravigamanaging partner Laurie Bream has met with a multitude of CEO candidates, making clear Raviga does not intend to waste their $10 million investment on the floundering startup. From wining and dining Bastian Lehmann at Wingtip to mint mojitos with Stewart Butterfield at Philz, Bream has not been shy about courting thevalley’s top CEOs. This week, her meeting with Dick Costolo at Contraband (with pour-over, of course) puts the respected VC’s list of potential CEOs well into the teens.

Palo Alto’s Newest Incubator Offers Smoothies, Pool Time

Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti was always meant to do big things, and since leaving Hooli XYZ, he’s started fostering the next generation of tech in his luxurious Palo Alto home. Clearly not ready to go on record, Bighetti refrained from calling the space an incubator, insisting, “It’s just where I live.” When I asked where would be a good space to do the interview, he even humbly joked, “What? Oh, I thought you just came in to use the bathroom.” I did use the bathroom, which of course had nothing less than a state-of-the-art Japanese toilet. But before that, I sat with the tech icon poolside, and we spoke about the demands of running an incubator, culture fit and how cool it is when your incubees succeed.

Maleant Meets Q2 Profit Expectations, CEO Calls the Numbers “Adequate”


Maleant Data System Solutions released its earnings report for the second quarter, meeting expectations with revenue of $620 million and diluted earnings per share of $0.41. These figures are up 1 percent from the same period last year. The increase is approximately equivalent to the US inflation rate for the past year, making these figures approximately equal to last year’s second fiscal quarter.

Nucleus is Tanking. Will Gavin Belson Go Down with the Ship?

For months, Hooli CEO Gavin Belson has proclaimed that Nucleus is going to the change the world. First reviews of the platform indicate Nucleus won’t change anything besides our perception of the CEO himself. After much anticipation, the company slipped the unreleased platform to press this week—and it quickly became apparent why Hooli has been holding off on a launch: The product is a failure.