Gavin Belson Returns to Hooli as CEO

After heroically negotiating “Action” Jack Barker’s release from the Chinese factory where he was held hostage, Gavin Belson has pulled off another coup closer to home, reclaiming the CEO spot he lost to Barker only months ago. The Hooli Board announced that they are “thrilled to have the talents of our founder back at the helm.” Belson added, “And it’s good to be back. I’m also returning as the Chairman of the Board, so I wrote that last statement.”

Breaking News! Ex-Rivals Richard Hendricks and Gavin Belson Join Forces


Belson and Hendricks expect to launch a Pied Piper product soon

Moments ago, an excited Richard Hendricks spoke to me over the phone regarding his newest – and perhaps most controversial – business move: partnering with previous rival and tech giant Gavin Belson. In a Code/Rag exclusive, we spoke about comebacks, innovation, and making the world a better place through middle-out compression algorithms.

Belson Back on Top: Hooli’s CEO Focusing on the Bottom Line

Gavin Belson’s brilliant leadership is unstoppable. While allegedly taking a personal hiatus from day-to-day operations at Hooli, Belson couldn’t resist brokering a blockbuster deal between Hooli and Maleant Data Systems, deploying Hooli’s innovative new Hooli/Endframe Box. The multi-year deal brings handsome margins for Hooli and can easily be a template to apply across the entire Fortune 1000. An inside source tells me that, no surprise, the board was no longer satisfied to let Belson fade into the background. Hat in hand, they begged Belson to come back to the helm.

The Search is Over: Richard Hendricks Named Pied Piper CEO

After a prolonged public search (reported both here and at TechCrunch), the Pied Piper Board of Directors has reinstated founder Richard Hendricks as its CEO. Board member and managing partner Laurie Bream stated via press release that it was “an examined decision, but ultimately the correct one, once one looks at Richard Hendricks’ qualifications, talents as an engineer and his understanding of the company’s needs. We are thrilled to have Richard back in this leadership position in which we expect him to excel.”