CEO Jack Barker Exits Pied Piper

Jack “Action Jack” Barker announced his resignation from the compression startup this week, stating he would be focusing on “spiritual wellness and family.” Via a Pied Piper press release, Barker continued: “The Pied Piper corporation is exceptionally well positioned to continue its growth as an industry leader. While a difficult personal decision, this is the right choice for me at this time. I will always cherish my time at Pied Piper and look forward to future challenges and opportunities.”

Founder and CTO Richard Hendricks stated, “The board is thankful for Barker’s leadership and, while saddened, supports his decision.”

Pied Piper has yet to name a new CEO, and while Hendricks is realistically in contention, his recent transition to CTO could indicate Pied Piper will be pursuing other candidates. The company’s lead investor Raviga Partners will certainly have a say as they have several seats on the board of directors. They have not yet announced a timeline for Barker’s replacement.

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