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Welcome to Pitstop, an international racing, Gaming, Food, zone in Hyderabad.

Pitstop is a leading Gokarting, Gaming, Food, zone in Hyderabad built in accordance with international standards to facilitate international racing in the city. Inaugurated on 8th June 2019, Pitstop spreads across 15 acres of land. Pitstop also provides Gaming, Food. The track will be open to the public from 8th June 2019. Come visit us and feel the adrenaline rush!

What We Do

Driven by developing new technology in the marketplace, we are Pitstop Gokarting, Gaming, Food, a leading high-powered racing machines in Hyderabad.


Enjoy the best go-kart racing at Hyderabad, from Pitstop go-karting zone! We have been indulged in smart work to achieve better results.

Price: 300 Rs.


Welcome to Food Court, Inspired by the colors and flavors of Hyderabad, Every team member of Pitstop stands by this mandate.

Price: Based On Items

Why Choose Us

Find out why thousands of customers have choosen the Pitstop zone.

Ultimate Guide to Gaming
Pitstop introduces you to the Unity Engine and to the fundamentals of Gaming.
Experience The Ball
Experience the ballgame. The game as a spectator, play the game as a competitor. Investigate and explore the ballgame.
Food for Thought
Pitstop refers to something as "tasty" when it pleases your sense of taste.
Gokart Racing
Feel the thrill of racing as you race neck-and-neck with other drivers at top speeds.

Our Gallery

Pitstop has been creating innovative games since 2019.